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Sep 19 2018

Cornerstone Card Spotlight: Grassroots Colorado

by Anna Young

Welcome our newest Cornerstone Card member: Grassroots Colorado! 


Located at 16900 E. 47th Avenue Dr. Ste 1000, Grassroots is a clothing line bridging the gap between street-wear and counter-culture fashion. They create inspiring apparel for those who choose to stand out, be different, and create their own path.


Grassroots began making hats for a documentary film they were producing in 2009 and has since created fitted hats for some of the biggest names in the industry. From national artists like Method Man, to the biggest names in the jam scene like Jerry Garcia and Griz, to the best custom hats in the country, Grassroots provides cutting edge state of the art designs in every type of hat they create.


Grassroots has thrived to be an industry leader by paying attention to every detail, and providing environmentally friendly hats made with hemp, recycled soda cans and ballistic material. Make sure to check out the Grassroots signature holograms and designs on the interior of our hats as well. Be unique, be yourself, and Join the movement! Their products are both sustainable and functional; whether you're out on the streets, travelling the world or at home in the studio.


Read more about Grassroots HERE and check out their social media below!

Instagram: @GrassrootsCalifornia

Facebook: @ GrassrootsCali

PLUS use your Cornerstone Card to enjoy 25% off everything, excluding new merchandise!