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Sep 02 2018

Crush Walls 2018

by Anna Young
crush walls crowd pic

September 3rd - 9th, 2018

As Colorado's largest independent graffiti and street art project and event, this year's CRUSH WALLS Festival will be reaching new heights in the mile-high city. Featuring 77 art happenings over 7 days, with local and nationally known artists, CRUSH raises awareness for the cultural importance of art in an urban setting.


"The CRUSH WALLS festival has been taking art to the streets from its inception, spotlighting local and international makers and acting as a catalyst for creative expression and collective gatherings. This year's edition will once again embody ‘Where Art is Made’, embracing more than ever the groundbreaking spirit of Denver’s RiNo Art District. CRUSH WALLS 2018 will be connecting both east and west sides of this unique art district, curating immersive experiences, showcasing awe-inspiring talent, uniting people through creativity, and offering a standout opportunity for everyone to experience the arts.'


"Every year, CRUSH takes over the RiNo district, transforming the area into a canvas like no other. Some walls will be repainted, while others are a blank slate, ready to welcome a beautiful new mural into the neighborhood."


This event is free to the public, so if you love celebrating art in the community you won't want to miss this!
Find out more information on their website:  http://crushwalls.org/ 


Check out the lineup of artists for this year's festival: https://www.crushwallsartists2018.com/

{all photos taken from the crush walls website}