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Mar 22 2018

5 Ways to Give Your Apartment a Spring Refresh

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Apartment Spring Refresh

{source: https://www.jungalow.com/2015/08/boho-kitchen-bonanza-part-3-diy-tiered-copper-planter.html}

1. Green up your space

Purchase some plants and watch your apartment come to life! Before you buy, be sure you know which plants like light, which plants need water, and which ones would rather be left alone...check out this resource for more! Try a local nursery like City Floral Garden Center or Planted. 

{source: https://blog.potterybarn.com/}

2. Frame your favorite pieces

Create the gallery wall you thought could only exist on your Pinterest boards. You can purchase inexpensive frames at stores like Target and HomeGoods, or even a local thrift store! Not sure how to arrange your wall? This guide by Homepolish will put all your fears to rest. 

{source: https://www.ellaclaireinspired.com/diy-kitchen-jar-shelves-tutorial/}

3. Organize your pantry

Give your kitchen the facelift it deserves! By purchasing food items in bulk in and placing them in glass jars you can elevate your space and also help out Mother Earth by reducing waste. 

{source: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/magical-thinking-pom-fringe-duvet-cover-001?category=A_BED_D}

4. Lighten and brighten up your bedding

Opt for ethereal bedding! Picking simple pieces can really wake up your space and make it feel ready for spring. Can't live without pattern and color? We recommend a fun accent pillow or throw blanket!  

{source: https://www.twotwentyone.net/new-kitchen-countertops/}

5.Go the natural route

We always hear about how important it is to put good things in our bodies, but what about when it comes to our homes? Natural cleaning products are just as important to our overall health and happiness! Make this all-natural DIY cleaning spray a part of your apartment spring cleaning ritual!