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Jan 10 2018

Cornerstone Card Spotlight: Fluid Market

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Fluid Marketing Header

Fluid Market describes its business model as, "the AirBnb of renting." By simply downloading an app on your phone, you're able to rent anything from moving trucks to tools to camping gear!

cornerstone x fluid marketing

Fluid Market is a great way to safely rent gear from others, and rent out your own gear to earn some cash! Through lending you're able to make money, through renting, you're able to save money, and through either end, you're part of a movement promoting responsible consumption.

Fluid Marketing x Cornerstone Apartments

Cornerstone residents are able to get $20 free when they download the app and use the promo code "CORNERSTONE". Search "Fluid Market" in the app store (either Apple or Android) or go to the Fluid Market website for a link! 

Cornerstone x Fluid Market