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Common Leasing Questions

Steps to Lease:

1. Select the unit you would like to apply for.

2. If you would like to schedule a showing (we can only show units marked as available "Now"), please click the link next to the unit that says Request or call our office at (303) 993-9000.

3. Make sure you meet the qualifications for approval: Income (Applicant’s income must equal three times the monthly rent. Roommates must each have income of 50% of three times the rent. Verification of income may be required before move-in), Employment (Applicant must be currently employed. Employment verification may be required before move-in. Applicants may qualify if job is secured and offered letter is provided), Credit History (All credit history must be satisfactory and current. Items reviewed to determine approval include but not limited to credit history, open collections, check writing history, evictions and judgments and bankruptcies. Applicants with no credit history may be required to pay an additional deposit), and Criminal History (criminal history issues including, but not exclusive to; being listed on sexual offender or terror watch list and violent misdemeanor). We run a full criminal background check on all applicants and review all results. 

4. Once your application and holding fee have been submitted, the unit will be off the website and off the market.

5. You have 24 hours from the time you submit your holding fee to back out and get 100% of your holding fee refunded. The application fee is non-refundable.

6. Cornerstone will run your credit and criminal background and notify you when you are approved.

7. If you are not approved, your holding fee will be refunded and the unit will be back on the market. Reasons for being declined include: previous evictions, open collections, criminal history issues, bankruptcies, tax liens, or if you are listed on a sex offender or terrorist watch list.

8. Once you are approved you will sign a lease, pay a pro-rated rent (if you move in any day other than the 1st of the month) and get your keys, move in packet, and most importantly- your Cornerstone Card! 

There is a 2 pet maximum limit (The Edge at City Park and Platt Park North excluded).

Our dog-friendly buildings have breed restrictions. Restricted breeds include Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Pitt Bull (Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pitt Bull Terrier), Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Mastiff, or any mix of these breeds.

Any other Questions? We're here to help! Call us at (303) 993-9000.

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