We know the challenges

It’s difficult to manage an apartment building that can’t support a manager or full-time maintenance.  How do you generate leasing traffic, handle work orders, turn units, stay on top your accounting, address resident concerns, negotiate contracts, and stay abreast of all the new trends and emerging technologies?

Here's Our Solution

  • Cornerstone is the only apartment management company with an exclusive focus on the urban core of Denver. Our focus allows us to create operational efficiencies, generate more leasing traffic and reduce operating costs.
  • We understand the urban renter and how to match them with the right apartment. We know the nuances of each building, block and neighborhood. Our urban lifestyle brand permeates through every aspect of our company from our website and company vehicles to our office environment and employees.
  • As the largest apartment management company in urban Denver, we have more leasing signs and postings on apartment search websites. Our website averages over 25,000 visits each month. If someone calls about a fully occupied building, we simply redirect them to a property with a vacancy. Our ability to cross-market properties results in units leasing faster and allows us to optimize income.
  • Size matters, and with 3,000 plus units under management, we use it to negotiate significant discounts for every expense item involved in the operation of an apartment building. Here are a few examples: we reduce trash pick-up by over 50%, we purchase natural gas in bulk saving up to 12%, servicing of our fire extinguishers is 50% less, Home Depot gives us a 10-30% discount off each purchase and the list goes on.
  • Cornerstone operates like a co-op; apartment owners with buildings in close proximity, developing an urban lifestyle brand, sharing management services, fostering a dynamic business environment, creating a community for residents to thrive, attracting quality employees dedicate to changing the way apartments are managed in urban Denver. This is Cornerstone.